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5 Personal Finance Tips to Follow If You are a Beginner
  • March 9, 2021
  • admin

If you want to keep the wolf from the door, you will have to take stock of your personal finances. Regardless of your income, you are to find out how you can make the most of it.

Even if you are living paycheque to paycheque, you will have to figure out what you can do to have some money left at the end of the month.

Getting control over your finances can be daunting and frustrating at first, but if you do not flinch from it, soon, you will learn to take it in your stride. Here are some financial tips you can use to get financial freedom.

Create a budget

Create a budget

Do you not like budgeting? You should not boast about it because you cannot take control of your finances without it. Whether you make it through an app or on a spreadsheet, just do it.

Add up all your income sources to know how much you have to spend, and then get the estimate of your total monthly expenses. Fixed expenses like rent, debt payments will be invariable, and for other expenses like food and utilities, you should look over previous months’ expenses.

Once you have got an estimate of total expenses, deduct them from your income. It is great if expenses are less than your income. However, if there is a major deficit, it should raise alarm bells. Spring into action!

Should you want to cover all of your expenses from what you earn, slow down your lifestyle. It does not make sense to buy branded clothes or expensive cars when you are in a tight spot.

 Fixed expenses will be unvaried, but you can adjust variable expenses. For instance, you can switch to a more affordable energy supplier, cut back on your magazine, gym and club subscription, stop eating out every weekend. You can also use apps to manage your finances more smartly.

Manage your debt

Manage your debt

One of the significant reasons for being run out of money is excess debt. The convenience of borrowing money has made it a lot easier for you to take on new debt without realising that you are pushing yourself into a debt spiral piece by piece.

If you have already some debts to pay off, make sure that you do not take out online loans in Ireland unless you pay off current debts. If you are looking to finance a big expense, make sure that you are finically strong enough not to fall behind repayments.

For instance, if you are looking for a car finance deal, make sure that you do not have difficulty paying down the debt even if you lose your job or come up with a financial emergency. Fore sighting your financial condition is paramount to ensure that you will not fall into debt.

Experts also suggest that you should have already improved your credit rating if you intend to fund a big planned expenditure.

Create a saving plan

Create a saving plan

Even if you are living off little income, you should set aside money for a rainy day. Try to put aside at least 10% of your income every month. It may seem very little, but it adds up over time. Stick to your saving plan.

Saving does not just need to be around your short-term goals. Financial experts suggest that you should open a different account for stashing money for long-term goals.

For example, you may intend to buy a car or a house. You will have to arrange a down payment even if you are looking to finance them.

A rule of thumb says that do not get sluggish as you see a significant improvement in your saving account’s balance. Follow your saving plan dedicatedly.

You should have a separate saving account and link it to your payment account. Ask your bank staff to arrange for pulling some money from your pay account and transfer it to your saving account. This auto-debit system will ease off your headache, and you will never fall behind your saving goal.

Evaluate every purchase

Whether it is a small purchase or big, it makes sense to evaluate your purchase. Sometimes you spend money on things that you do not need at all.

For instance, you want to buy a couple of t-shirts, but as you see some great collection of jeans, you buy them too. You do not need jeans, but you still buy them. This is how you get tempted to block your money. You will have to change this habit.

You should buy things only when you need them. Ask yourself if you can manage to live without that. If yes, do not buy it.

Some people keep up with the Joneses. Because your neighbours or friends have a car, you would like to own a car too. It is crucial to understand that everyone has different financial circumstances. It does not make sense at all to copy your neighbours and friends.

Look over your budget to see if you can afford what you want to buy, and at the same time, think if you actually need it. Do not buy if you can manage to live without even if your budget allows.

Read financial books

Read financial books

Financial books are an amazing source of knowledge to improve your financial condition. Whether you buy books or read blogs online, reading a couple of hours a week can actually help you ameliorate your financial condition.

You will find it hard at the outset, but you can develop a reading habit over time. You will start enjoying it. Whatever you get to learn from such sources, try to implement them in your real life.


You may find it a bit complicated to take stock of your finances, but you can improve your financial condition by following the tips mentioned above.

Budgeting and saving are two primary goals that you must not ignore if you want to keep your head above water. So what steps are you going to take to revamp your financial situation?

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