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8 Tips from Our Mothers to Achieve the Financial Freedom
  • July 9, 2021
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Parents are responsible for imparting life skills to kids from their experience. Children learn a lot from their parents that is visible from their behaviour and response to a situation. One important skill people learn from their parents is money management to avoid financial troubles.

In many households, the mother manages the income with budgeting and cost-cutting. They have years of experience raising a family and save money for financial goals. And to no one’s surprise, they manage to get the job done without financial aid from banks and lenders.

Why Rely on Financial Tips from Mother’s in a Different World?

The world is not the same as it was during our childhood. The lifestyle, amenities, and essentials have changed with the advancement of technology. Therefore, it is indeed a genuine question whether to rely on traditional tips to save money or not?

The spending habit has changed, but the definition of essentials and amenities is the same. People are living life to achieve financial goals similar to the generations before them. Therefore, the approach towards finances is the same, and you should follow the advice from parents to achieve financial freedom.

Financial Tips from Mothers to Save Money

We grow up watching our parents take care of the finances with a strategy to counter the unexpected expenses. They made some silly mistakes and amazingly smart decisions to manage the endless bills. Following are some financial tips suggested by the mothers to their children to live a financially stable life.

  1. Wait Before Buying Something

A major reason for our financial troubles is impulse buying with no plan for its potential use. If we have money, we add items to the cart because of the temptation. Instead, you should ask yourself questions about the value the product will bring in life.

Thus, it is important to get rid of unnecessary purchases to control the finances better. You should wait before purchasing on the shopping site even if they offer an unbelievable discount. You can purchase on the last hour of sale by contacting a direct lender if you are looking for a cash loan in 1 hour in Ireland.

  1. Plan Meals

People create a schedule for their complete day with detailed information for every task. However, they forget to plan an extremely important part of their lifestyle, the food. Our mother always had the dinner plans ready before the clock used to reach the 8 AM mark.

It will help you save time and money because of the sudden dinner plans. You can also prepare the meals yourself with a little prep time in the morning. Thus, the exhaustion from work after a busy day will not force you to order from the restaurants.

  1. Set Savings Goals

You will lose track of the savings without a specific goal in mind. Our parents saved for many goals such as retirement funds, college education, house, and car. They made financial decisions and life choices, keeping those goals in mind.

You can achieve the same with a few financial goals on your to-do list. Also, it will help you with the motivation to save money and change the overspending lifestyle. There are numerous tools and online communities available on the internet to support lifestyle change.

  1. Start Savings Already

There is no certain age to start a savings account or emergency fund for your future self. You can start as early as your kindergarten days to induce the positive habits of savings. Mothers try to teach their children the same by gifting them the small piggy banks.

Also, you are never late to start a savings account to achieve your financial goals. It will require a commitment to eliminate the unnecessary purchases from the budget. And you will have enough savings to survive the uncertain times without financial assistance.

  1. Do Not Rely on Future Income

You should not rely on financial income because of the unpredictable future. You need the amount to counter the emergency or some unexpected expenses the next month. Many parents save enough money to use the previous months’ income for the expenses of next month.

Here, the upcoming income will create a cushion for unavoidable situations. Moreover, you will get safety from the sudden termination notice from employers or a market crash. If the situation demands, you will have the option to manage the finances with personal loans from loan agencies in Ireland.

  1. Live Below Means

People find themselves in financial trouble because of their paycheque-to-paycheque or living beyond the means lifestyle. The debt problems often have their root in the spending habit of the individual. If there is one thing you can learn from the simple lifestyle of your mother, it should always be living below the means.

Your efforts in the present will help your financial condition in the future. It allows individuals to start saving money for their goals. Moreover, your spending habit and account statements can help provide a better offer on interest rates from the lenders.

  1. Take Financial Education Seriously

Financial education doesn’t require a degree from a college or some lectures from experts. You can achieve the required education from experience, life lessons, and the mistakes of others. Also, there is endless material available on the internet, libraries, and bookstores to learn money management.

Our parents focused on our education because they knew its importance. Those lessons inside the kitchens and grocery stores were intended to give basic lessons of financial education.

  1. Balance Work and Life

Money management is a lifelong process with no end to the troubles. Nevertheless, you should live your life with enough time to yourself, family and friends. After all, you don’t want to stare at a corporate slave in the mirror every morning.


To sum up, our parents had the same financial troubles and goals with a limited income. You should learn from their successes and failures to get better at finances. If you don’t remember those lessons, it is time for a flashback with those childhood moments to find wisdom from your mom’s actions.

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