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What is Car Finance for Bad Credit?

Car finance in Ireland for bad credit is financial assistance offered to car buyers with a flawed credit history. Many banks and financial institution reject the bad credit history car finance application based on the credit score. It may seem unreasonable at times when the income is good, and the car itself is collateral.

To your relief, our bad credit car finance in Dublin and other regions of Ireland help the potential buyers from every credit profile. The eligibility requirements are nowhere as strict as they are in case of big financial institutions. Though, you must have enough money incoming each month and a repayment plan to convince our representative.

The interest rates are comparatively more because of a higher risk profile. But the longer terms make the instalments manageable for the borrowers. Speaking of which, flexibility on the loan terms is one crucial advantage of dealing with direct lenders.

The car loans with no credit check are available for used and new cars. You might want to buy a used car to get a better make at a cheaper price. However, the value of the car and the maximum loan amount will be provided by the representative.

Can I Expect No Credit Check?

Is there Instant Approval on loans?

Do you offer both Used and New Car Finance?

The loan is offered to people with every credit profile. Therefore, there will be no credit check.

Our representatives process the applications within a day.

The loan is offered to both used and new car.

When to Take Car Finance with Bad Credit in Ireland?

Apart from the very obvious reason of buying a car, there are few other reasons to consider car finance for bad credit.

  • Personal Care

You need a vehicle for personal use, and you need it now. The traditional car financing can take a few days to weeks to process the application. The car finance with no deposit and no credit check could be the only solution for you.

Many medical conditions require you to take your loved ones quickly to a hospital. There is no time to wait for the ambulance. Also, some regular visits to the physician will be facilitated with a car in the garage.

  • Professional Use

Some businesses are extremely dependent on the vehicle to operate. You can even apply for van finance with bad credit to prevent any pause in the services. A single day of disruption can cause heavy damage to the businesses relying on some transportation medium.

  • Frequent Repairs of Current Vehicle

If your car is parked inside the workshop more than your garage, it is time to sell it and buy a new one. The repair cost is not always covered the insurance. Therefore, instead of spending some serious money now and then it is recommended you change the vehicle.

  • Too Many Rejections from Other Lenders

Your already flawed credit ratings are taking a hit with every loan rejection from the lenders. The eligibility is not a big concern for car finance with bad credits as long as you have a regular income. You will save a lot of time and disappointment, waiting for the approval only to end in the rejection list.

  • Car Broken Beyond Repair

A car is beyond repair if the damage is too severe. The smaller car loans for bad credit can cover up to 90% of new cars and 95% of used car. You don’t have to spend the next few months without a car trying to save money for the heavy deposit.

Should I Finance a Used Car?

A common school of thoughts recommends a new car when we think of buying a car with bad credit in Ireland. It makes sense to some extent as the new vehicles have plenty of benefits over a used one. However, people should consider used cars as an equally viable option with some serious savings.

The cost of the car is the prominent reason to buy a used model. The price gap between a new and a little-used model is huge. The overall cost of car finance with bad credit in Ireland reduces significantly when you opt for a used car.

There is no guarantee on the performance of newer models, even from the most trusted makers. They may very well turn into a disaster because of some problem not identified in the testing phase. A used car comes with all the pros and cons tried and tested after months or years of use.

A significant reason to take a new car is the latest features that empower the comfort and performance. The same features might have been introduced earlier in a higher model of the same car. Therefore, you can use them at a lower price with a used car which ranks higher on the model hierarchy.

All these reasons make a used car a practical solution with little less money to spend. However, a trusted seller is hard to find in the automobile market, even after taking small car loans for bad credit.

Why Choose TargetLoans4U for the Right Car Finance?

A private lender is always your best bet to get a practical solution for financial needs. At TargetLoans4U, we provide car loans with no credit check taking care of the financial condition of the borrower. These are the reasons why we stand apart from other private lenders -

Our loan terms are reasonable and manageable for the borrowers to avoid needless stress on your finances. You can avail long-term loans to get lower instalments. It is needless to say the overall cost will increase with the loan duration.

Right from the start, our representative will stay in touch with you to guide through the whole process. We offer one of the best turnaround time in the industry to provide excellent customer experience. Post a query online about the car loans with no credit check to let our experts clear any doubt for you.

We follow a no credit check policy to offer loans to customers regardless of their credit profile. This ensures the customers can take loans based on their current incomes, not the previous financial decisions.

The online application process is kept secure and straightforward to avoid hours of wait for approval. Apply it now to get approval within the next 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

All your queries will have an answer from our financial experts.

What is the best car finance for bad credit?

Getting the best car finance is the sole purpose of the bad credit people. Well, criteria for each lender can differ but some general pointers are:-

  • Car finance should be available despite poor credit history
  • Lender can treat loan application either with no credit check or soft credit check
  • The interest rates should not be too much higher
  • Car finance deals should be on borrowers’ affordability
Can you get car finance with bad credit in Ireland?

Yes, you have every chance of getting car finance with bad credit in Ireland, but only when:

  • You are earning a good income
  • You can arrange a guarantor with good credit history
  • Your recent financial performance is up to the mark
Can I get a car on personal loan with bad credit?

Yes, options do available of personal loans for bad credit to purchase a new car. However, the interest rates may be higher than the specialised car loans but approval can be there.

What is the lowest credit score to buy a car?

As options like car finance for bad credit are available, it means with credit score between 200 and 500 can be acceptable while purchasing a car. Still, it depends upon the car company or car finance dealer.

is it possible to get can finance for bad credit with no guarantor?

You can get car finance for bad credit with no guarantor but on the higher interest rates. In such a scenario, your income becomes the crucial factor for the loan approval.

Are there any lenders who will finance a car with bad credit?

There are many lenders providing car finance with bad credit not an issue. However, you need to search hard to find out the trustworthy of them. Targetloans4u vouches for the bespoke deals with the proven record at the Irish marketplace.

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