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Short-Term Loans – Exactly When You Need Them

Money crisis gives a frequent appearance, and you need to be ready with the due amount of money, which may not be available all the time. Short-term loans act as the support to financial stability whenever a gap occurs. Targetloan4u offer short-term loans with instant approval decision irrespective of financial background if you have strong repaying capacity. We prefer to act liberal and offer equal borrowing opportunities to all.

  • Borrow from €1000 to €25000
  • Surety of information security
  • Personal relationship managers
  • Fund disbursal within 24 hours
  • 100% online & fast procedure
  • Flexible repayment plans
  • Personalized pricing


  • 0.1% off on every short-term loan deal after covid-19 effects on financial lives
  • Until December 31 we are solving queries online only. Working with limited staff at office.
  • We will send our festive gifts to existing and new customers through mail in the form of coupon. No physical gifts to ensure social distancing.

We make sure you get a smooth borrowing experience without any mess and stress of the delayed procedure. The online formalities and the simple one application form, both are time saviours. Also, the customized deals ensure your pocket remains light with small instalments. This strategy gives the borrowers a promising alternative to monopolistic lending options such as amigo loans. You can call us anytime to clear all your doubts because our 24x7 customer support team is always there to help.

Amigo Short-Term Loans – A Name Among The Best Lenders In Ireland

Short-term amigo loans carry the trust of many customers due to its reliability for providing affordable loan deals. This statement needs a rational proof, and the features of the lender and its loans can prove that. A direct lender should be able to provide certain facilities to the borrowers, and amigo offers all of them. The finance industry is growing at a fast pace due to the unprecedented changes. From the introduction of artificial intelligence to the implementation of robotics through chatbots, loan procedures and client interaction have changed a lot.

  • Zero loan processing fees –

The lender is known to have fair lending practices, and ‘no fee’ policy is one among them. The mere thought of a hassle-free and inexpensive application procedure inspires the borrowers to apply for loans with confidence. It is a great support to have a place to expect financial assistance during a chaotic time.

  • Borrow big with a guarantor –

The prime aim of amigo loans is to serve the right type of solution at a relatable time. The company can help you get a quicker solution with the desired amount of loan if you bring a guarantor. It is precisely applicable for the people with a bad credit score, as they need to compensate for their weaker creditworthiness.

  • Customer-friendly lending –

The feature of customization is permanently available with all amigo loan deals. With the determination to follow the high standards of next-generation online lending, the lender is always ready to adjust its strategies for the fund seekers. Isn’t it loyal lending?

  • Aim for easy repayments –

Amigo loans knows very well about the tough time you are going through due to the second wave of the pandemic. It now offers to redesign your repayment schedule if at any point you feel that paying instalments have become problematic. Contact amigo, and it will make necessary alternations in the way you pay.

  • Avail funds with poor credit –

No matter if you approach amigo with poor payment history. The sense of the logic of this loan company is quite strong, and it gives more importance to the repayment capacity of the applicants. No credit score status can bring you rejection if you have a good repaying capacity.

  • Helps boost credit score –

The amigo loans for bad credit people get a higher place in the preference list of the borrowers because they play a dual role. First, they let poor credit people borrow money during the financial crisis on the high approval rate. Second, with easy repayments, they make instalments easy-to-pay on time, which boosts score.

The above features make amigo loans not only special but also desirable and explain the reasons behind its wide popularity. It deserves to be the star of the market for its flexible policies and predictable loan procedure that creates no anxiety among borrowers.

Amigo and Targetloans4U – Two Bright Lenders With Healthy Contrasts

Both amigo and Targetloans4u hold their special places and are irreplaceable due to their versatile nature. Whole-of-the-market approach and concern for the borrowers are the two principles of these lenders. They never fail to fulfil what they commit to the customers, but the only difference is of approach. A thing that one includes in its policies, the other refrain to follow but for both the ultimate goal is the financial well-being of the fund seekers. Although, we assume that you know, but we should tell that both we and amigo are 100% online.

Here Is A Comparison Between How Two Serve To People In Different Ways –

Targetloans4u Amigoloans

Agree on loan deal as a sole borrower. There is no need to approach anyone and apply for loans with no guarantor or co-signer because we don’t require them.

We understand that you want to keep your asset away from any risk. We allow you to do so, as these loans do not need collateral.

No guarantor required and you can get funds on your affordability and with a right type of credit mix.

Besides a good credit mix, you may need to think about a guarantor, in case of bad credit, it becomes essential.

The customer support is available online round-the-clock. Call anytime and get the answer for all doubts. Not very long waiting time.

Due to pandemic conditions, the lender focuses on calls/people in urgent need and wants you not to call if your concern is not very serious.

Transparent procedure with timely notifications at every application stage up to money transfer

Transparent process but you do not receive notifications at every application stage.

Instant approval decision is irrespective of credit score status and employment status.

There can be less resistance towards bad credit situation of unemployment despite stable repay capacity.

Relationship managers for every client for personalized attention and better services.

Manage your online account on your own, in case of confusion, you need first to ask.

The comparison above addresses the individuality of the two lenders properly and reveals the lending nature. Now you can make a better decision on how things work with both the lenders and how you can process to borrow money.

Loans With No Guarantor For Funding With No Delay And Obligation

Short-term loans do not come with any guarantor obligation, and you can borrow money easily on your affordability. It is good for every fund seeker to not to chase people or beg them to be their guarantor. Take out money that you can afford to repay that is all about the simple calculation. If you can understand it, nothing rest is difficult, even approval.

Get loans without guarantor with following conditions –

The above conditions are basic requirements because they aim to keep borrowing as simple as possible. Unlike amigo loans with no guarantor and other ones such as Leinster credit, we follow the uncomplicated procedure. Loans are available to unemployed people without guarantor if they can provide adequate proof of repaying capacity. The new-age lending pays heed to rational aspects of the financial conditions of the applicants and not on obstructive and suffocating factors. Fulfil the basic conditions and get easy approval on the loan application that can be difficult if you apply for the amigo loans for unemployed people.

Bad Credit? Borrow With A Strong Current Income Status

It is natural to doubt your approval chances with a poor credit score but not anymore with next-generation online loan solutions a few clicks away from you. With several dos and don’ts of personal finances, you can borrow money despite a poor payment history. To tell you something special, despite a low credit rating, you can avail the ‘no guarantor’ feature. You may want to explore the amigo loans for bad credit with no guarantor but you need to compromise on the interest rate. It is not the case with us as the aim is to facilitate fast funding.

Terms and conditions for bad credit loans –

  • You are entitled to customized deals irrespective of credit score status
  • We can overlook part financial mistakes if you have current financial behaviour
  • The current monthly income should not be less than 50% of expenses or debts (for good credit people minimum is 60:40 ratio)
  • You need to provide the salary proof of the last 9 months, and it is advisable that they should be from the same employer

Soft credit check is available but hard check is advisable. More we know your finances better we can offer in a loan deal.

Targetloans4u can offer funds without any hard check that are much more affordable than the amigo loans with no credit check. We do a soft check of your recent financial records and do not go deep into the past finances. If the present circumstances are such that convince about financial stability, we are fine with the soft check process.

Why Choose Targetloans4u

Have a look at some precise reasons that explain why we can be your choice in the loan market and what is special about our deals. It is our thorough belief that comparison is good for smarter borrowing decisions. We are always ready to improve, read our features below and take your loan decision. After that, leave your review to let us know where we can improve.

The time is of revival, and after the tough past months, we want to help people get back their financial normalcy soon. We do not want our customers to wander for immediate help. In fact, our concern is to act as a promising substitute for the existing options and give them a variety of deals. There is no location discrimination, and borrowers get lower rates from wherever they apply in Ireland. People may get a lower rate because they applied for amigo loans in Ireland but we are affordable even if someone is sitting in a village. No discrimination and no biased decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

All your queries will have an answer from our financial experts.

What is the best short term loan?

The best short-term loan offered by the TargetLoans4U is as strong and flexible as its famous counterpart amigo short-term loan. The customized deals, flexible repayment plans, payment holidays are the prime features that help make the borrowing journey smooth.

How can I get a small loan immediately?

To get a small loan immediately, you need to be perfect in your personal finances. In the end, one needs to have a strong capacity to pay the instalment. If the lender finds you have that in your financial life, the approval becomes really instant. Your conditions are always the first and last decision-makers.

Do short term loans affect your credit rating?

Short-term loans cannot affect your credit rating if you pay them at the right time. They affect the excellent sense because when you pay the instalments at the right time, the credit score improves. The good credit score person can achieve an excellent score tag, and the bad credit borrower can turn into good credit sore person.

What happens if I don’t pay Amigo short term loan?

If you do not pay the Amigo short-term loan, you may have to face the immediate penalty. You may not get time to explain your situation because it already offers plausible repayment plans. However, with TargetLoans4U, there is no policy of penalty until two late payments. You can visit online or can apply to experience things on your own.

Does being a guarantor affect me getting an Amigo short term loan?

Yes, it can affect your chances of getting an approval; however, if your personal financial conditions are strong, you may get a 'YES' quickly. However, it is always better to not to act as a guarantor for anyone else when you have plans to apply for a loan for your needs. It can thoroughly affect your creditworthiness.

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