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Quick Loans in Ireland - Funding Help in Seconds

Have you lost your wallet and need money fast to pay a restaurant bill? Is an unexpected medical expense creating the call for urgent funding? Small financial payments sometimes become the reason for long-term misbalancing.

Quick same day loans in Ireland target those sorts of funding issues of the borrowers and bring out instant solutions with timely fund disbursing. Unlike traditional lending, these loans are more the products of private lenders, as they know for their flexible norms.

At Targetloans4u, you get the best three features of these small loans in Ireland:-

Unbiased Lending

Irrespective of your income status and credit score, you can borrow the funds now.

Useful Deals

We eradicate the worry of loan deals useful or not. Our every deal is worthy for everyone.

Upfront Assistance

We always stay ahead whenever you need us at a crucial period.

What Benefits that 24 hour Loans in Ireland Possess?

Whatever the form of unsecured personal loans in Ireland, there are always benefits for the borrowers. We, as the responsible direct lender in Ireland, always committed for your financial interests and feel proud to support you in fulfilling the requirements.

Our bespoke deals ensure the arrival of cash loan in 1 hour Ireland for the borrowers along with the following benefits, which we are explaining with some financial purposes:-

  • To fill the funding gap during car purchase

    Do you want to buy a new car? It might be a case that you need some more funds to cover the occurred funding gap during the vehicle purchase. These 24 hour loans in Ireland will work in your favour and help in fulfilling that dream.

  • To get rid of pending dues

    Having multiple pending debts keep an unnecessary burden on your finances. Sometimes small loans Ireland like these help you out to pay out those debts and have an early peace of mind.

  • To help someone in need for funds

    Does your friend require urgent funding help? Being a close friend, you cannot deny his request for money. You can apply for these instant 24 hour loans in Ireland and help your friend to come out from the financial dilemma.

  • To purchase a gadget

    Do you wish to have a new Smartphone? Or do you want to install a security camera in front of your main door? Purchase any gadget with the help of these urgent loans in Ireland and make easy repayments.

  • To pay university’s fees

    Is your kid struggling to pay out the university’s fees? No need to worry because we are here to assist you with fast funding with not much documentation process to follow.


How are Small Loans In Ireland Different from Payday Loans?

Sometimes borrowers get confused when they see two similar sorts of loans. Same happens with these Small loans in Ireland with payday loans. As the responsible Irish private lender, we want to clear your doubt that these loans are similar to each other or not.

You can go through the pointers below and make plans ahead to apply for our quick loans, available through the online platform.

Quick Loans

  • Borrow €1000 to €10000
  • Loan term extends to 36 months
  • Flexible Repayment option
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Every chance of genuine loan deals

Payday Loans

  • Borrow €100 - €1000
  • Usually available for a maximum of 3 months
  • Repayment deduct on next salary day
  • Higher interest rates
  • Borrowers may trap in mere advertisements jargons
Quick Loans Payday Loans
Borrow €1000 to €10000 Borrow €100 - €1000
Loan term extends to 36 months Usually available for a maximum of 3 months
Flexible Repayment option Repayment deduct on next salary day
Competitive interest rates Higher interest rates
Every chance of genuine loan deals Borrowers may trap in mere advertisements jargons

How do I Make Repayments on Quick Loan in Ireland?

Every loan is incomplete without making the repayments on time. Borrowers have the issue of bad credit scores because they have either made late repayments or miss them. With conventional lenders, making those errors cause loan rejections.

It is where the sphere of direct lending is more useful than the traditional one.

At TargetLoans4U, we give you not only the flexible repayment options but also ensure variety in it. Here are the repayment options on fast loans available on the same day:

  • Repayment on Each Salary Day:

    To ensure that you would miss no repayment, we give the option of automatic deduction on each salary day.

  • Repayment on Any Date in a Month:

    If you are not comfortable with the above option, you can opt for our any date repayment in a month method.

  • Repayment to Next Month:

    We are here to make the loan process as comfortable as we can. Therefore, if you miss the repayment in a month somehow, you can make the double payment next month. However, it may be subject to revision.

Do Quick Loans Need No Guarantor Despite Bad Credit?

If you have the small amount to borrow mainly for the financial emergency, then we do mind in providing you with quick loans in Ireland with no guarantor. We know sometimes arranging a guarantor can be complicated. We can relax you with offering these no guarantor loans on competitive APRs.

The procedure to apply for the loans will remain the same, i.e. online with no paperwork.

People with a poor credit file have the significant advantage of the facility called no guarantor. They often find themselves into trouble when borrowing funds because no one agrees to take their guarantee.

Like the personal loans in Ireland for bad credit people, we have made the availability of these quick loans with no guarantor for bad credit borrowers too.

Why TargetLoans4u Only for Quick Loans?

We represent such lending hub where the RESPONSIBILITY meets with RESULTS and POSITIVITY meets with PRACTICALITY.

These morals guide us to provide borrower-friendly cash loan in 1 hour in Ireland. We give you the option of applying online and get even the doorstep service to complete the application or to make the repayments.

With us, you have the significant advantage of applying for quick loans from anywhere in Ireland.

We have a strong online presence all over the country, and our prospective borrowers already prefer us to get cash loans in Dublin, Cork, Belfast, Galway, Newry and many more. Contact our loan representatives now if you have any query and start applying for quick loans in Ireland, available on personalised features.

Frequently Asked Questions

All your queries will have an answer from our financial experts.

What are instant 24 hour loans in Ireland?

The instant 24 hour loans in Ireland are the short-term loans, which are mostly applied during the financial emergency. Most online lenders provide these loans without asking documents to submit and with minimum obligations. However, the interest rates of these loans are higher than usual.

Can I get quick loans on the same day in Ireland?

Yes, you can get quick loans on the same day in Ireland if you apply online for them. It is the best way to get the funds on faster approval. However, you should apply for the loans early in the day so that lender can analyse your application as soon as possible.

How can I get fast loans on the same day with bad credit in Ireland?

Yes, it can be a possibility of getting fast loans on the same day despite bad credit. The direct lender in Ireland does not look into the credit history of the borrowers and it saves a lot of time allowing quick approval and same day fund transfer.

Can I get quick loans in Ireland if I am unemployed?

The direct lenders like us have no issue if you are unemployed and you can get approval on quick loans in Ireland. Your part-time income will pave the way for the loan approval and also your recent financial commitment.

  • Online application form
  • Wait for the initial-stage approval
  • Submission of income document
Can I get urgent cash loan in 1 hour on same day Approval in Ireland?

Yes, you can have an opportunity of getting cash loan in 1 hour if you have either pre-registered with the lender or applied for the very small amount. If you know your credit score before applying for the loans, then it also creates chance of 1 hour approval and fund disbursal.

Where can I get small loans without a guarantor in Ireland?

You can have the opportunity of small loans without a guarantor in Ireland from the direct lenders only. Yes, they are more flexible than the traditional lenders and can approve the loan application without a guarantor.